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Thanks to the impressive canyons and crystal clear water,  every kayaker will have the experience of a lifetime on the rivers of Montenegro. The nearly 500 km of rivers that flow through the northern region range from easy paddling to expert level rapids. Kayaking in Montenegro is an experience no one will ever forget.

Eco -Tours provides packages in Montenegro’s three most spectacular rivers: Moraca, Tara and Lim.

Moraca River:
The river Moraca flows from the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica through a rugged to the rustic village of Redice where the gentle rolling water transforms into Level V rapids that are suitable for  expert kayakers only.

Lim River:
The river Lim has its headwaters in the picturesque Plavsko Lake where slow flows descend into canyons near the northern city of Berane where Level V cataracts abound. Expert level only.

Tara River:
The river Tara is the most famous river in Montenegro. The spectacular and scenic river winds its way across the northern part of the country and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980.  Trips along the Tara are usually 60 km and can be T paddled in a two days with the opportunity for an overnight  in the National Park or one of the many riverside rafting camps.

Tourist agency „Eco-tours“,well known as a leader in incoming tourism, is specialized in eco-tourism. The agency offers to its clients a wide range of services all around Montenegro for a decade.
For active arrangements which offers, the agency has top quality equipment of the world well known brands. Kind staff and trained guides will make your arrangement unforgettable.



Der erste ökologische Staat, zählt zur Gruppe der Mediterranländer, obwohl es auch ein typisches Berggebiet darstellt, in dem sogar 60,5% seines Territoruims über 1000 m.ü.M ist. Es ist ein besonders herrliches Gebiet der Bergketten von der Bjelasica und vom Durmitor, das mit einem malerischen, und in Europa tiefsten und längsten Canon des Tara-Flusses verbunden ist.